Drug Addiction Rehab in Harrison


What is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes an individual to compulsively use drugs despite negative social, psychological, or interpersonal issues that may occur as a result of such drug use. Drug treatment centers help addicts recover from drug addiction by teaching them recovery tools, coping skills, and practical strategies for managing stress. For those suffering from substance abuse and the ongoing relapses choosing drug addiction rehab can offer the recovery tools needed for maintaining a drug-free lifestyle. Rehab centers offers patients both inpatient and outpatient treatment, though it's highly recommend everyone choose residential rehab they understand that for some that is not possible due to responsibilities at home. The goal is to give everyone the opportunity to overcome addiction and create a program for each individual that maximizes their potential for long term abstinence without relapse.


Drug Addiction Statistics

The National Institute on Drug abuse estimates that 23.9 million adults and young adults in America used an illegal drug or a psycotherapeutic medication in 2012. Only one percent of these people sought treatment for their addiction at drug treatment centers.


Drug History and Current Trends in Harrison

Heroin poses the greatest threat in Harrison and throughout New York, with growing numbers of young adults using the drug in recent years. Once considered an inner-city drug, heroin has skyrocketed in popularity due to cheap prices and wide availability.


Drug Addiction Treatment Options

Drug treatment centers provide inpatient and outpatient drug treatment programs. Residential drug treatment programs are also an option.


Inpatient program

Inpatient treatment programs are performed in a clinic or hospital on an inpatient basis. After inpatient treatment has ended, the patient may be referred to an outpatient program to continue recovery.


Outpatient program

Outpatient programs are usually administered at a counselor's office, a mental health clinic, or a community mental health facility.


Residential program

Residential drug treatment programs provide 24-hour care in a private facility. Residential programs can last from one month to over a year.


How to Choose Between Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy

Knowing which drug treatment program to choose can be difficult. Depending on the substance being used and the severity of the addiction, an inpatient program may be the best course of treatment. Studies show that inpatient programs are more effective than outpatient programs in helping addicts remain sober once treatment has ended.


12-step Programs

12-step and programs are an important part of recovery from drug addiction. Group therapy programs help recovering addicts make positive friendships and learn new coping skills from their recovering peers. After inpatient treatment has ended, the recovering addict will be referred to group therapy or a 12-step program for ongoing treatment.


Other Programs in Drug Treatment

Depending on the substance being used, medical detox may be the first step to recovery. Under a medically-supervised drug detox, the addict is given medication to reduce drug cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox flushes all traces of the abused substance from the addict's body. In many cases, medical detox is necessary to stabilize a patient before they enter an inpatient drug treatment program.


Signs You or Your Loved One Has an Addiction

Common signs of drug addiction include:

. Lying

. Secretive or sneaky behavior

. Stealing

. Problems at home, school, or work

. Legal problems

. Mood swings


Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Some common physical symptoms of drug addiction are:

. Red eyes

. Change in eating or sleeping habits

. Needle marks on arms or other parts of the body

. Weight loss; loss of appetite

. Hallucinating


Individualized Programs

Successful recovery starts with a customized drug treatment plan. Drug addiction is a complex disease; to be effective, a drug treatment plan needs to address all areas of the addicts life, not just their substance problem. The ideal drug treatment program will combine drug detoxification with ongoing therapy to help the addict stay sober for good.

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